How much does it cost to replace PURE EV battery?

PURE EV India’s leading startup for electric vehicles and also Lithium-ion batteries – PURE LITHIUM have been buzzing around. They have designed India’s premium electric two-wheelers to give you the most comfortable ride experience that any scooter possibly can! With its multi-speed smart design, you are in total control of the ride experience. The acronym PURE stands for  Power Using Renewable Energy. PURE EV offers a standard 3-year warranty over their battery. Are you aware of the cost to replace the PURE EV battery in future?

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Best Subsidy on Electric Vehicles – Statewise

Electric Vehicles, which have been the most talked about topic in the past decade, have been a greener alternative for ICE vehicles. There is a global rise in the EV adoption and India is at its best. With the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 being imposed, the government aims to achieve national energy security, vehicular pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. The government has declared to provide monetary incentives to the buyers to kick start the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. by providing monetary support. Every Indian state has carved the best possible subsidy on an electric vehicle for its adoption. Let us see which Indian state provides the best subsidy for you.

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How to charge your EV if you don’t have a home charger


  • You can charge them at a public fast charging station. 
  • You can use a Kirana Charzer at your nearby grocery store or a coffee shop.
  • Keep your batteries for charging at locations where Battery chargers are available.
  • Use the onboard charger to charge your parked vehicle at a shopping center parking lot while you do your shopping
  • You could also replace your battery with a fully charged one at a swapping station.
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Getting an Electric Vehicle Insurance in India.


Insuring an electric car is as easy as insuring a car with an internal combustion engine, although it still costs slightly more.

  • Most major insurers like TataAIG, ICICI Lombard and HDFCergo now cover electric cars.
  • Electric car insurance is more expensive than conventional insurance, due to the need for advanced parts and specialist mechanics.
  • There are specialist electric car insurance companies that offer tailored policies for low emissions vehicles.
  • Look for add-on covers while opting for an EV insurance.
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Top 10 electric scooters in India with high range

We all have been eagerly looking at the electric vehicle segment and are finding the perfect alternative for our fossil-fueled vehicles. Over the years, the EV segment has developed and we have seen a lot of activity in the electric scooter market. One of the important factors that everyone first looks out is the range that a particular EV can provide. Hence we have listed down the top 10 electric scooters with the best range that is being offered in the Indian market.

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When and Why should you use a public EV charging station?

Do you own an electric vehicle or are you thinking of making the shift to a more sustainable way of living? In this article we will give you some much needed tips on when you can charge your electric vehicle. We will also talk about why you should head over to a charging station to charge your EV, instead of doing it at home.

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