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Charzer CMS/ White Label App

Charzer Demographics

50000+ users

1.6 Giga Wh total electricity consumption till date

300 Mega Wh total electricity units/month

19 lakh+ EV kms/month

Present in 250+ geographies

Robust and scalable charging stations

We offer a variety of state-of-the-art commercial, residential and fast charging solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Powered by intelligent software

Our turn-key and white-label charging management software lets you , and track, manage and optimise your EV charging infrastructure. Know more about our software

Support every step of the way

Our extensive list of professional services, support mean your charging network is handled with expert care for years to come.

Build a Business from EV Charging

Build, manage & optimise your EV charging station network with our end-to-end charging management solutions.
Run an EV charging business in multiple states from day one.
Extend your brand with your own EV charging management software.

Build to Scale

Manage, monitor and maintain your charging station infrastructure remotely with our state-of-the-art charging management software.
Offer an OCPP-compliant, feature-rich mobile application that allows EV owners to discover nearby stations, create charging schedules and start charging in easy and convenient steps.
We power your business with custom branded charging stations, and position it in a way so that you remain the face of this new offering. Our charging stations are built to be future-proof, reliable and compliant with diverse charging standards and specifications.
We provide exclusive support, resources, training, and connections to help businesses gain a competitive advantage in the EV market.

End-to-End Management

Charzer provides a suite of services to help you build your EV charging network hassle-free.

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