Frequently Asked Questions

Kirana Charzer is a 3.3 kW AC Charging Station.
It can charge Electric two wheelers, three wheelers and four wheelers.
Kirana Charzer comes with a single output of 3.3 kW. It can support charging on onevehicle at a time.
Charzer app or Kirana Charzer do not display the charge status of the battery or vehicle currently. We plan to add it inthe future versions. Until then, the customer can check the dashboard of their vehicle to get the charge status of the battery.
Customer needs to book a session for charging using the Charzer app. After reaching the charging station, customer needs to use the app to start the charging station. 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers need to connect their portable adapters to the charging station to charge their vehicle (The portable adapters are a mandatory accessory with any EV purchase). 4-wheelers can use the charging cable they received with the vehicle to connect to the charging station.After completing the charging session, customers can turn off the charging station using the app.
Kirana Charzer includes Over Current, Under Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage and short circuit protection.
Kirana Charzer does not have an auto cut-off other than in case of short circuit. However, the BMS and power adapter which come with customer’s vehicle support auto cut-off to avoid overcharging.
No, you don’t need a separate internet connection for Kirana Charzer.
Yes, customer can book slots in advance.
Yes, the charging slot can only be booked after making a payment.
It’s the customer’s responsibility to reach the charging station at the correct time. The charging station will not start charging until the customer has reached the location and turned on the charging station using the app. However, customer will only be able to charge for the duration of their slot and no extension will be provided.
If a customer doesn’t arrive at the reserved slot duration, no refund is provided.
No, they don’t get an alert. However, they can track the bookings using the app. However, the owners are not responsible or involved in the process of booking.
Central Monitoring System stores information about Booking, Transactions, Utilisation, Failure. If you take a separate internet connection for Kirana Charzer, the power availability information is available in real time.
Kirana Charzer provides a socket. Wired Extensions can be given as an on-demand accessory at extra cost.
Yes, Government of India and Karnataka is giving rebates on high expense DC fast chargers which costs more than Rs. 10 lakh. They are not subsidizing low cost AC charging stations.
Anyone with a commercial electricity connection can host a public charger as per BESCOM. You do not require an NOC from them. We don't have an NOC from BESCOM.
With average cost of per hour charging of Rs. 25, host recovers their investment in 7.5-8 months with a daily utilisation of 15% which is 3.6 hr a day. With 10% utilisation, host recovers investment within 10-11 months. (Commercial unit price of Rs.9.5 is considered)
The expected life cycle is more than 5 years under the rational circumstances.