How much do electric scooters cost after FAME II?

Electric two-wheeler has hyped up since the pandemic as the lockdown has made us realised the adverse effect of petrol and diesel vehicles. During the lockdown, the roads were vehicle free which improved the air pollution index. The atmosphere became clean, the ozone hole started filling up and this has made us realise the importance of clean transport. With the drop in battery prices, EVs are gaining popularity in India these days. The increase in the number of charging stations, adds to the cause. The government put efforts to increase electric vehicle adoption using the FAME policy. After the update of the FAME II policy, curiosity is inevitable. Every Indian citizen is eager about the subsidized electric two-wheeler prices. The next few sections will tell you about how much does your electric scooter cost after FAME II.

What does the new Ampere 2 wheeler cost after FAME II?

Ampere Electric drops prices of its electric scooters by up to Rs 9,000 after the FAME II subsidy. Ampere Magnus Pro variant features a 60V 30Ah lithium-ion battery pack, paired with a 1.2kW electric motor providing a 100 km range. The price of Magnus Pro has been reduced from Rs 74,990 to Rs 65,990 after the new subsidy policy.

Another scooter from Ampere is the Zeal Ex with a range of 85 km at speed of 55 kmph range needing 5-6 hours charging time only. This variant is now discounted to Rs 59,990

How much does Ather scooter cost now?

After the FAME II subsidy revision, the Ather Energy electric scooters have gotten cheaper by Rs 14,500. The 450X variant has the best-in-class acceleration of 0-40 kmph in 3.3 seconds in Warp mode and a true range of 85 km in Eco mode, while the 450 Plus has an acceleration of 0-40 kmph in 3.9 seconds in Sports mode and a true range of 70 km in Eco mode. The usable capacity in 450X is 2.61 kWh while that of 450 Plus is 2.4 kWh. Ather provides some cool features in its premium variant 450X, which are enabled by Bluetooth connectivity such as music & voice assistant.

BangaloreRs 1,44,500
ChennaiRs 1,46,296
MumbaiRs 1,42,241
AhmedabadRs 1,46,926
HyderabadRs 1,46,926
JaipurRs 1,45,042
KochiRs 1,47,087
PuneRs 1,41,926
New DelhiRs 1,36,426
Ather 450X
KolkataRs 1,27,916
ChennaiRs 1,27,286
MumbaiRs 1,23,231
AhmedabadRs 1,27,916
NagpurRs 1,22,916
JaipurRs 1,26,014
Ather 450 Plus

FAME II subsidised price of Hero scooters

Hero Electric subsequently cuts the price range of its scooters from 12% for single battery variants to 33%, the highest for the triple battery. One of its best city drive models, Photon HX provides a 108 km range at a top speed of 45 kmph. The model price has dropped to Rs 71,449, one of the best in this range.

Other premium models with a higher range to exceed city limits includes Optima HX and NYX HX. After FAME 2, the prices after 33% subsidy are Rs 58980 and Rs 85,136 respectively.

Okinawa scooter price after subsidy

With the coming of the FAME II scheme amendment, Okinawa too decided to reduce the prices of its electric scooters. The best selling product from Okinawa,  iPraise+ is now reduced by Rs 17000 and the latest price is Rs 99,708. The iPraise+ gets a range of 160-180 km on a single charge and has a charging time of 2-3 hours.

The other models include Ridge + at Rs 61,799 and iPraise Pro at Rs 76899.

The below images show the then and now prices of the famous electric scooters.

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