How much do electric scooters cost after FAME II?

Electric two-wheeler has hyped up since the pandemic as the lockdown has made us realised the adverse effect of petrol and diesel vehicles. During the lockdown, the roads were vehicle free which improved the air pollution index. The atmosphere became clean, the ozone hole started filling up and this has made us realise the importance of clean transport. With the drop in battery prices, EVs are gaining popularity in India these days. The increase in the number of charging stations, adds to the cause. The government put efforts to increase electric vehicle adoption using the FAME policy. After the update of the FAME II policy, curiosity is inevitable. Every Indian citizen is eager about the subsidized electric two-wheeler prices. The next few sections will tell you about how much does your electric scooter cost after FAME II.

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Best Subsidy on Electric Vehicles – Statewise

Electric Vehicles, which have been the most talked about topic in the past decade, have been a greener alternative for ICE vehicles. There is a global rise in the EV adoption and India is at its best. With the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 being imposed, the government aims to achieve national energy security, vehicular pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. The government has declared to provide monetary incentives to the buyers to kick start the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. by providing monetary support. Every Indian state has carved the best possible subsidy on an electric vehicle for its adoption. Let us see which Indian state provides the best subsidy for you.

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