5 most affordable E-Rickshaw batteries in India

Over the years, autos and tempos have been the cheapest mode of short-distance transport throughout India. The pollution concern and sustainable development lifted the market demand for E-Rickshaw serving the same purpose. E rickshaws are an alternative to auto rickshaws and hand-pulled ones as they have low fuel costs and less human effort. These new-age battery-operated E-Rickshaws are the vehicle leaders for a better future. What is the first electric Rickshaw in your city/town? E-Rickshaw could be a low-emitter transport for the low-income group if it has a sturdy and robust battery. Today we are going to list down the 5 most affordable E-Rickshaw Batteries.

Livguard E-Rickshaw Batteries

Livguard is considered to be amongst one of the best E Rickshaw battery manufacturers in India. They boost the E Rickshaw’s performance with its robust outcomes. They are low on maintenance and easy to handle and Run more in single charging.

Livguard E-shakti 4-set lead-acid batteries come with 100Ah and 120Ah variants providing a range of 90 – 110 km per charge. Two of the variants is flat plate battery while the rest are tubular plate batteries. The batteries are specially engineered to guarantee enormous power, durability and safety on all types of terrains. The ERFP 1500 and 1550, 100Ah flat plate batteries come with a 6 months warranty, starting from Rs 8500. On the other hand, ERTU 1800 are tubular 120Ah lead-acid batteries specially designed for e-rickshaws with 9 month warranty.

Although lead-acid batteries make the most of e-rickshaw, Livguard comes with 48V, 85Ah Lithium-ion LFP batteries with a 3-year warranty. The battery has a unique balance of smart BMS, IoT and Cloud capability and advanced thermal management. It ensures reliable mileage, reduced charging time and extra-long life.

E Rickshaw Battery - Best Electric Rickshaw Battery Manufacturers India
Livguard E Rickshaw Battery - Livguard Electric Rickshaw battery Latest  Price, Dealers & Retailers in India

Okaya Power

Okaya is one of the top battery brands, and it also contributes significantly to the nation’s development and rapid expansion. It has made a long-standing commitment to providing its users with the finest service possible. Every battery goes through a rigorous test to ensure that consumers will receive uninterrupted service. Products are expertly created and rigorously tested to ensure that they function to their highest potential. The e-rickshaw battery is quite reasonable in price and provides consumers with more comfortable, long-lasting, and effective batteries.

  • Constant Supply of Power- It gives a constant supply of power for over 6 hours.
  • Highly Durable
  • Low maintenance- Does not require frequent maintenance.
  • Long Life- Tubular construction increases the longevity of the battery.

The E-rickshaw batteries are Lead-Acid tubular plate-based and have a range starting from 80Ah up to 130Ah with prices ranging from Rs 9500 to Rs 13500.

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Tata Green E-Rickshaw Batteries

The battery designed with special Japanese technology provides the best mileage. Sawaree provides the highest mileage of 120kms on single charging on plain road conditions. The 12V, 100Ah lithium-ion batteries are robust with a longer lifecycle and provide a 6-month warranty. The active material in batteries consists of a higher quantity of carbon for a higher charge acceptance thus, delivering a fully charged battery within 9.4 hours. They cost about 9400 Rs which is pretty cheap in that genre.

Tata Green E-Rickshaw Battery, Model Number: SWR100E41L, Rs 6800 /piece |  ID: 21010690730

Exide E-Rickshaw Batteries

E-Ride Plus comes with a Robust Grid Design & Improved Paste chemistry to ensure a better life and consistent performance. Double Clad Separation prevents Plate shedding during vibration and increases the reliability & service life. The Corrosion reduction in Positive Plate lowers the degradation rate. The batteries come with 100Ah and 120Ah capacity at about a little higher than Rs 8000 based on the variants.

Exide Tubular batteries are lead-acid batteries providing a higher Ah rating and a warranty of about 12 months.

E Rickshaw Battery - Exide 100 AH E Rickshaw Battery Wholesaler from  Varanasi

Pilot Industries Ltd.

These Batteries perform better than others in terms of kilometres and electrolyte used. The best and most cheap maker of e-rickshaw batteries is Pilot Industries. They offer the perfect means of ensuring a secure and comfortable atmosphere in the plants that produce the batteries for e-rickshaws.

The Leader LER series batteries are 12V lead-acid type and come in 3 variants – 120Ah, 140Ah and 160Ah with a 36months warranty and priced at Rs 6000.


  • Check battery electrolyte every 15-20 days
  • Don’t use the battery in dry condition. Always use distilled water to fill the battery to avoid harmful effects on the battery’s life and performance.
  • Charging current should not be more than rated Ampere
  • Battery rotation is required after 3 months (1+2+3+4 <====> 4+3+2+1)
  • Connect batteries with 8-10 mm wire only
  • Air pressure in tyres should be as per norms
  • Avoid Overloading
  • When you get out of your electric rickshaw, you should turn off the lights, music, etc. Also, avoid leaving a battery sitting dormant for an extended length of time. A battery may become worn out.
  • Always fasten the clamps securely to the appropriate poles.

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