5 most affordable E-Rickshaw batteries in India

Over the years, autos and tempos have been the cheapest mode of short-distance transport throughout India. The pollution concern and sustainable development lifted the market demand for E-Rickshaw serving the same purpose. E rickshaws are an alternative to auto rickshaws and hand-pulled ones as they have low fuel costs and less human effort. These new-age battery-operated E-Rickshaws are the vehicle leaders for a better future. What is the first electric Rickshaw in your city/town? E-Rickshaw could be a low-emitter transport for the low-income group if it has a sturdy and robust battery. Today we are going to list down the 5 most affordable E-Rickshaw Batteries.

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How Charzer is leveraging AI for locating nearest charging points?

Charzer aims to find the most optimal location to install its charging stations which will best serve our customers and enable quick and fast charging. As part of this process, we have to determine the most optimal route between the customer and the charging station when they search for the nearest Charzer station on their Charzer app.

In order to recommend the most optimal charging station to our customers, we have tried a number of machine learning techniques. We were able to create an optimal route to traverse the road segment by taking into account the traffic which is influenced by time, weather, and real-life events using a partitioning algorithm based novel approach mentioned in this article published by Ankit Sirmorya in HighScalability, a widely read publication.  


To accomplish this, he modeled every intersection as a node and every road segment as a directed edge. For finding the shortest route between source and destination, he used routing algorithms (e.g. Dijkstra’s algorithm). He also highlighted that for ride hailing platforms at the scale at which they operate, Dijkstra’s algorithm won’t work because it takes O(NlgN) to find the shortest path for “N” nodes.  A novel approach Ankit proposed was to divide the graph into partitions, precalculate the best path within each partition, and interact only with the boundaries within each partition. His approach significantly reduced the time complexity from O(NlgN) to O(N’lgN’), where N’ is the square root of N. After the optimal route has been determined, traffic, weather, and real-life events can be taken into account to calculate the estimated time to traverse the road segment and compute the ETA. A few other alternative techniques were also tried to find the optimal route, and some experiments were conducted to assess their performance. By using a partitioning algorithm approach, we discovered that the optimal route we found for our customers took 40% less distance and resulted in a 30% increase in their satisfaction ratings. To improve the experience of our customers, we continuously explore new technologies and experiment with new approaches.

Top 5 hybrid electric vehicles in India – 2022

Electric Vehicle is new technology to reduce the carbon footprint from the environment. Even the best BEVs available in India right now have a range of 300-500 km, and if there isn’t ample public charging infrastructure support, users of BEVs can face range anxiety. Hybrid Electric Vehicles don’t have any such issues – on short distances. Presently automobile lovers are preferring to shift to a hybrid alternative than an electric alternative for their IC engine cars. The main reason being the EV charging infrastructure still under development. So let’s take a look into the best Hybrid car options available in India. I will list the top 5 hybrid electric vehicles that you can buy in India.

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How can Electric vehicles contribute to a sustainable future?

Our yearning for luxurious cars, comfortable 2-wheelers is ever increasing. Transportation is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and as a result, increases global warming. The life of the natural environment and its organisms – humans, animals, plants are at stake. Slow your climatic changes ~ Reduce greenhouse emissions The world came to a conclusion – electric vehicles for a sustainable green future. How can Electric vehicles contribute to a sustainable future?

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Lead-acid vs Lithium-ion – Which battery is best for your electric vehicle?

Batteries play variant important roles in everyday life, right from providing the initial power needed to start the engines of vehicles to act as a backup source of electricity. These days battery storage is popularising in every sector in addition to solar energy systems. Many of us are still see-sawing between Lead Acid batteries and Lithium-ion batteries, especially in the Electric Vehicle Sector. So which battery is best for your electric vehicle?

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Top 5 Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the World

It is a cliche these days to worry about the range of Electric vehicles. I am sure you would also have given a second thought to whether your new EV would keep up to the expectation of your ICE vehicles. However, there lies something between your ICE and EV. Hybrid vehicles are a new way of travelling that is more eco-friendly and saves your time and money. Driving a greener vehicle shouldn’t mean sacrificing the style that you want to show off when you hit the road. There exists “n” number of HEVs around the globe. Today I will list some of the bestselling top Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the world.

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How much does it cost to replace PURE EV battery?

PURE EV India’s leading startup for electric vehicles and also Lithium-ion batteries – PURE LITHIUM have been buzzing around. They have designed India’s premium electric two-wheelers to give you the most comfortable ride experience that any scooter possibly can! With its multi-speed smart design, you are in total control of the ride experience. The acronym PURE stands for  Power Using Renewable Energy. PURE EV offers a standard 3-year warranty over their battery. Are you aware of the cost to replace the PURE EV battery in future?

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Getting an Electric Vehicle Insurance in India.


The electric vehicle Insurance is as easy as insuring a car with an internal combustion engine, although it still costs slightly more.

  • Most major insurers like TataAIG, ICICI Lombard and HDFCergo now cover electric cars.
  • Electric car insurance is more expensive than conventional insurance, due to the need for advanced parts and specialist mechanics.
  • There are specialist electric car insurance companies that offer tailored policies for low emissions vehicles.
  • Look for add-on covers while opting for an EV insurance.
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