Guide to buying a Second hand Electric Car/Bike

If you are planning to enter the electric vehicle world. Buying used or New vehicles would both offer great fuel and maintenance savings. use this guide as a checklist to buying your next electric car or bike

The advantage of buying new is that EV technology is constantly evolving and improving. This means you will be able to enjoy new features and better battery range,

But is buying an used electric vehicle worth it? The answer is yes! because of the ever increasing push by the government for electric vehicles. there are quite a lot of models to choose from and many have already entered the used car market at very affordable prices, which could save you a lot of money.

But as with any second-hand vehicle purchase, buying a used electric vehicle comes with some risks. So before you rush in, do your research and thoroughly check the vehicle.

In this guide, we’ll cover some of the key things you need to look out for, to make sure you get the second-hand vehicle of your electric dreams. you can go through the checklist given below and use it while buying your EV.

Important Checklist for Electric bike/car buyers

  1. Check the battery size. This is in kilowatt hours (kWh)
    and indicates how much electricity the battery can store
    when new, and therefore how far it can drive on a charge.

    Battery condition can be described in a number of ways
    including percentage of battery capacity remaining,
    State of Health (‘SoH’)

    If buying a used EV, it’s important to get the battery properly

    The battery’s SoH describes the overall condition of a battery –
    not its current charge.

    For some vehicles, on-board diagnostics can provide data that will help you determine how much longer you can expect it to last, based on how it has been used to date.
    SoH can be more useful than an odometer reading.

    For example,
    an EV may have very low mileage but a reduced SoH if it has
    been in storage for some time, or has been excessively fast charged. An EV with slightly higher mileage but better SoH may be a better option.

    Most new EVs have battery warranties that guarantee
    the battery for a certain length of time (typically 5-8 years,
    sometimes longer) or distance (such as 100,000km)

    Take a look at the warranties and state of health of the battery

  2. Any warranty covering the EV battery

    Check the warranty condition of your used electric bike, and also check if the insurance bought by the previous owner also covers battery replacement or battery damage.

  3. What charger inlets the vehicle has. (Be aware not all vehicles
    can use fast charging stations.)

    You need to check what kind of charging port the vehicle has.

    This will help you look for available charging points nearby and see if you can charge during your daily commute. also check if your vehicle has Fast charging support.

    You can read more about selecting an EV best fit for you here : A Guide to buying an EV fit for you!

  4. See if the EV has the latest software updates installed.

    EVs now-a-days are computers running on wheels that need constant software updates.

    Always check to see if the vehicle you are buying has the latest software update by the company.

  5. Check to see if the vehicle you are buying supports in house chargers

    Charging stations are currently in very few numbers in India. thus you might want to look for chargers that can work at home.

    For example chargers like the Kirana charger by Charzer offers compact chargers that work on any power outlet and is available in general stores.

    if your daily commute route goes through these charging points, you can see if your vehicle supports these chargers. you can check to see if your vehicle supports these chargers here

    And see if chargers are available on your route here and for cars you can use this linkMap of All EV Kirana Charzers

As an alternative to buying a second-hand electric bike outright, many franchised and independent dealers offer finance deals – or even let you lease a usedelectric bike. But as with any finance deal, check the terms carefully and be sure you understand the total amount you’ll need to repay before you own the vehicle outright.

Whatever your budget, and whatever features you want, you’re likely to find a cheap second-hand electric car to suit you. But make sure you consider all your options first.

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  1. Electric car and bike are latest and save fuel. It’s not more old comparison to other vehicle. Second hand electric car and bike are good option to buy. You gave me good tips for buy these electric cars and bikes.

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