Top 5 Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the World

It is a cliche these days to worry about the range of Electric vehicles. I am sure you would also have given a second thought to whether your new EV would keep up to the expectation of your ICE vehicles. However, there lies something between your ICE and EV. Hybrid vehicles are a new way of travelling that is more eco-friendly and saves your time and money. Driving a greener vehicle shouldn’t mean sacrificing the style that you want to show off when you hit the road. There exists “n” number of HEVs around the globe. Today I will list some of the bestselling top Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the world.

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Can Renewable Energy power EV Charging Stations in the future?

People believe that Electric Vehicles are the cleanest source of energy. Electric cars are obviously more environmentally friendly than ICE except for the manufacturing process for their batteries. Electric cars rely on regular charging from the local electricity network. The hardest truth is that the power plants providing that energy aren’t emission-free. Most of it comes from burning fossil fuels, while solar and wind together made up less amount. Now the question lies here “Can Renewable Energy power EV charging stations in the future?” for a sustainable future.

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10 Specific details of Electric Vehicles you must know before you decide to buy.

There are a few details that you will find out about electric vehicles only once you start driving EVs and live with them.

Here are some of the basics and tips that every prospective EV owner should know and understand before selecting one and having an enjoyable experience.

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Different Electric vehicle charging standards and how they are different.

Here is a simple guide about EV charging and its details, each new car has a charging system that might differ in one way or another, for instance, they could have different charging ports just like smartphones.

For instance, some cars or bikes have fast charging that requires a specific charging station for them to work. Therefore, let’s take a look at these different standards and connector types and understand why and when they are used.

EV charging
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Best Subsidy on Electric Vehicles – Statewise

Electric Vehicles, which have been the most talked about topic in the past decade, have been a greener alternative for ICE vehicles. There is a global rise in the EV adoption and India is at its best. With the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 being imposed, the government aims to achieve national energy security, vehicular pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. The government has declared to provide monetary incentives to the buyers to kick start the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. by providing monetary support. Every Indian state has carved the best possible subsidy on an electric vehicle for its adoption. Let us see which Indian state provides the best subsidy for you.

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How to charge your EV if you don’t have a home charger


  • You can charge your EV at a public fast charging station. 
  • You can use a Kirana Charzer at your nearby grocery store or a coffee shop.
  • Keep your batteries for charging at locations where Battery chargers are available.
  • Use the onboard charger to charge your parked vehicle at a shopping center parking lot while you do your shopping
  • You could also replace your battery with a fully charged one at a swapping station.
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