5 tips to get better EV range


  • Learn and Use Driving Mode Settings
  • Coast When Possible
  • List out all the locations where Kirana Charzers are available and use them at your nearby grocery store or a coffee shop.
  • Be kind to your battery.
  • Turn Down Creature comforts such as AC and coolers.
  • You could also replace your battery with a fully charged one at a swapping station.

If you are planning on going for a road trip with your EV, Getting the most range out of each kilowatt-hour from your EV not only saves precious money but also occasionally spares you the inconvenience and embarrassment of running out of charge and getting stranded.

The path to the best battery range is often specific to the vehicle model and how it’s used, but here are five tips to start improving your EV range today.

EV range

  1. Learn and Use Driving Mode Settings

    Nearly all modern electric vehicles allow you to alter their performance to match your driving needs with a quick push of a button. Some modes increase performance at a cost to battery range. Others allow you to maximize EV range at the expense of acceleration or by tuning the regenerative breaking more aggressively to recapture energy.

    Read and experiment with each mode your car has to offer

  2. Coast When Possible

    An added advantage to reducing unnecessary acceleration is reducing your reliance on braking. Sure, all electric vehicles have regenerative braking which helps to preserve energy, but those systems are only capable of recapturing a fraction of the energy lost to hard braking. Particularly in heavy traffic, try coasting to a stop as much as possible. It could add up to several miles worth of added range for each charge.

  3. List out all the locations where Kirana Charzers are available

    Kirana Charzer is a company that enables regular general stores and groceries to act as charging points all over india, this helps create a lot of charging stations for your 2 wheelers, no matter the location or the infrastructure. and all these locations can be found on the Charzer app

    Use Charzer App To:

    Discover all nearby electric vehicle charging stations
    Check availability, pricing and book a slot in advance
    Pay for your charging session
    Activate and monitor the session in real-time

  4. Be kind to your battery.

    Time may be money, but so too is electricity. It should come as no surprise that gradual acceleration from a stop is far more efficient for an electric vehicle’s powertrain than “flooring it.” For many drivers, this effect will be most pronounced in stop-and-go traffic, while others will see it more from aggressive highway driving.

    This Aggressive Highway driving provides a lot of strain on your batteries and cooling is needed, that in turn takes up a lot of charge. it’s battery to have a steady pace and a full charge to get the best range possible

  5. Turn Down Creature comforts such as AC and coolers.

    In electric vehicles, Lithium ion battery efficiency changes depending on the temperature under which its operated.

    But an even bigger contributor to lost EV efficiency stems from the comfort needs of the people driving them. Vehicle cooling and air conditioning systems can drain enormous energy, depleting range and increasing charge cost.

    Make sure to use it only when needed if you plan to go on long road trips and vehicle charge is of high priority

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