Top 10 electric scooters in India with high range

We all have been eagerly looking at the electric vehicle segment and are finding the perfect alternative for our fossil-fueled vehicles. Over the years, the EV segment has developed and we have seen a lot of activity in the electric scooter market. One of the important factors that everyone first looks out is the range that a particular EV can provide. Hence we have listed down the top 10 electric scooters with the best range that is being offered in the Indian market.

1. Okinawa iPraise+

Range: 160km – 180km

The i-Praise from Okinawa was one of the first electric-scooters to be offered with a subsidy of Rs 26,000 under the FAME-II scheme in the nation. Okinawa offers the iPraise+ with features such as geofencing, virtual speed limit, SOS notifications, battery health tracker, continuous monitoring, trips, directions, maintenance and insurance reminder and it also offers the status of the vehicle. All of these features can be accessed via the Okinawa Eco app. Powering this electric scooter is a 1000W BDLC motor that offers a top speed of 75kmph. This motor is driven via a 2.9kWh lithium-ion battery pack that offers a range between 160km-180km and it can be fully charged within 2-3 hours.

2. 22Kymco Flow

Range: 160km

22Kymco an electric vehicle manufactured launched the Flow which an e-scooter. This electric scooter is available in a single variant and it is being locally manufactured as well. The Flow is equipped with modern features such as LED lights, projector headlights, a digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth Connectivity, a combined braking system and three riding modes – Cruise, Drag and Reverse Assist. Powering the Flow is a 2.1KA electric motor that offers a top speed of 60kmph. This electric motor draws power from a lightweight portable battery pack that offers a claimed range of 160km on a single full charge and it takes around 4-5 hours to completely be charged up.

3. Odysse Electric Hawk

Range: 160km – 170km

Odysse Electric Hawk is the new premium electric scooter to run out of the company’s stable in India. Powering the Odysse Electric Hawk Plus is an 1800 W electric hub motor and it offers a top speed of 45km/hr. This electric scooter is run by a 2.96 KW lithium-ion battery pack. It offers a total range of 160km – 170km and it can be fully charged in 4-5 hours. In terms of features, the Hawk Plus comes equipped with all LED lighting, a fully digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, an anti-theft lock system, music system, portable battery, USB charging port and remote start.

4. Benling Aura

Range: 120 km

Benling is a Chinese electric two-wheeler manufacturer which offers four of its electric scooters in the Indian market. One of them is the Aura which is the flagship high-speed model to run out of Benling’s stable. The Aura takes inspiration from the Italian scooters from the olden days and it is being offered in a single variant only. Powering the Aura is a 2.5kW BLDC motor and it offers a top speed of 60 kmph. This electric motor is driven by a 72V/40Ah lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in 4 hours and it offers a total range of 120km. Benling offers the Aura with a charging port, a start/stop button, smart breakdown assistance, a fully-digital console, a smart key, anti-theft alarm, parking assistance and riding mode – Low, Sport and Turbo Speed.

5. M2GO Civitas

Range: 120km

The new electric scooter manufacturer from New Delhi, M2Go has launched the Civitas along with the Model X1 in the nation. This electric scooter is only available in one variant which offers a retro yet modern and stylish design. Powering the Civitas is a 2020W Bosch electric motor and it has a top speed of 85km per hour. This electric motor is driven by a Portable 72V29AH Lithium Battery and it offers a range of 120km.

6. Okinawa Dual

Range: 130 km

Okinawa launched the new electric scooter which is known as Dual. It is primarily aimed for B2B operation, but it can also be used for personal use as well. Powering the Okinawa Dual is a 250 Watt electric motor and it offers a top speed of 25kmph. Due to this, one doesn’t need a license to ride around with the Okinawa Dual. This electric scooter draws its power from a 48W 55Ah detachable lithium-ion battery which takes about 4-5 hours to be fully charged and offers a range of 130km.

7. Avan Trend E

Range: 110km

In the Indian market, Avan Motors launched its third e-scooter which is christened as the Trend E. Avan Motors retails the Trend E in two variants – a single battery pack and the double battery pack. Both the variants are powered with an 800 W BLDC Motor and it offers a top speed of 45kmph but the range does differ. The single battery offers a range of 60 km whereas the double battery pack offers a range of 110 km which can be fully charged for up to 4 hours.

8. Avera Restrosa

Range: 120km – 140km

Avera launched the Retrosa electric scooter with a single variant in the state of Andhra Pradesh and it plans to expand in many of the northern and southern states in the nation. Powering the Retrosa is a 3kW Bosch hub electric power that draws its power via a 72 V Lithium-Ion battery pack. These electric scooters offer a range of 120km-140km on a full charge that takes about 3-4 hours to charge up. Avera offers the Retrosa with features such as riding modes- Economy and Sport+, fully digital instrument cluster, park assistance, dual disc setup, LED lighting at the front and rear.

9. M2GO X1

Range: 120km

M2Go is a new electric two-wheeler manufacturer based out of New Delhi and they have launched a stylish and modern EV scooter called the Model X1. This electric scooter is only available in one variant and it features all-LED lighting, sem-digital instrument cluster, 4-in-1 Locking System, Anti-Theft Function with Alarm, dual disc setup with ABS and USB Charging Port. M2Go offers the Model X1 with a portable lithium-ion battery pack that powers the 2020 W Bosch electric hub motor. This electric scooter offers a range of 120km on a full charge and it offers a top speed of 50km/hr.

10. Bgauss A2

Range: 110km

Last year the Mumbai based EV brand BGauss launched the A2 in two variants – Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion models. This electric scooter comes loaded with extensive modern features such riding modes – low, mid and high, a removable lithium-ion battery pack, digital instrument cluster, keyless entry, anti-theft alarm, all LED lighting, USB charging and reverse assist. As the top speed of this electric scooter 25kmph, you will not need a license to ride it. Both of the variants with the Lead Acid Battery and the Lithium-Ion battery power the 250W Brushless DC hub motor and they offer a similar range of 110 km on a full charge.

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