When and Why should you use a public EV charging station?

Do you own an electric vehicle or are you thinking of making the shift to a more sustainable way of living? In this article we will give you some much needed tips on when you can charge your electric vehicle. We will also talk about why you should head over to a charging station to charge your EV, instead of doing it at home.

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When should you use a public EV charging station?

If you are an EV owner who does not have access to private parking with charging capabilities, do not worry. There are numerous options that you can choose from. Here are some of the many public EV charging stations that you can use to get your EV juiced up and ready to go.

Retail spaces

Malls, restaurants and markets are places that will see a high investment from EV charging companies. These places provide you the comfort of leaving your vehicle to charge while you go about your activity of eating at the restaurant or shopping at the mall.


Many companies are installing public EV charging stations at their workplaces. You can park your EV at your workplace and let it charge while you work in the office.

Street parking

You will begin to see a higher number of dense urban areas which deploy public EV charging stations. Parking spaces that already exist will start to be equipped with EV charging stations.
You can use these when you take your EV and park at these public places.


As EV vehicles are widely bought and used by people in India, there will be more DC fast charging stations along highways. The government of India has said that there will be a changing
station at every 25KM on both sides of the highway.

Why should you use a public charging station?

Here are a few reasons why you would want to use a public charging station.

Wider access

Public charging stations allow you to take your electric vehicle everywhere without any range anxiety. With public charging stations, you can charge anywhere and everywhere.

Tested for safety

Every public charging station will have Liquid Cooled cables for high speed charging facilities and appropriate Climate Control Equipment for the fast charging of batteries. The government has mandated that every public charging station will be operational only after inspection and clearance by a certified inspector or a technical personnel.

Helps small business owners

Charging stations that are set up by small business owners help them earn an additional source of income. Taking your EV and charging at a public station will encourage other EV owner’s to do the same. (Are you a business owner interested in owning a charging station? It’s easy)

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