How much does it cost to register an electric vehicle?

A big boost to the electric mobility momentum has been given Indian Government. The rate of EVs running on the road is increasing every year drastically. n FY 2020, EV sales for two-wheelers in India increased by 21 per cent. For EV buses, the sales for the same period increased by 50 per cent. Along with the 2 wheelers many commercial and private 4-wheelers are now electric. Electric 3-wheelers are seen running on Indian roads at a large scale. It is often a question: “How much does it cost to register an electric vehicle?”. Today let us see what is the procedure and cost for registration of an electric vehicle.

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Top 5 hybrid electric vehicles in India – 2022

Electric Vehicle is new technology to reduce the carbon footprint from the environment. Even the best BEVs available in India right now have a range of 300-500 km, and if there isn’t ample public charging infrastructure support, users of BEVs can face range anxiety. Hybrid Electric Vehicles don’t have any such issues – on short distances. Presently automobile lovers are preferring to shift to a hybrid alternative than an electric alternative for their IC engine cars. The main reason being the EV charging infrastructure still under development. So let’s take a look into the best Hybrid car options available in India. I will list the top 5 hybrid electric vehicles that you can buy in India.

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Is OLA scooter better than the existing e-scooters?

Ola, the ride-hailing service by ANI Technologies Ltd is already a unicorn in offering services hire and food delivery services. Ola electric backed by Softbank launched its first-ever electric scooter on August 15, 2021, after acquiring Etergo, an Amsterdam-based e-bike startup. Another major launch was by Simple Energy – Simple One scooter on the same day. “Ola has already created a buzz in the Indian market with its ‘Future Factory’ and its production plans,” said Bakar Sadik Agwan, senior automotive analyst at London-based data analytics firm GlobalData. Now lets us compare and see – Is Ola scooter better than the existing e-scooters?

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Different Electric vehicle charging standards and how they are different.

Here is a simple guide about EV charging and its details, each new car has a charging system that might differ in one way or another, for instance, they could have different charging ports just like smartphones.

For instance, some cars or bikes have fast charging that requires a specific charging station for them to work. Therefore, let’s take a look at these different standards and connector types and understand why and when they are used.

EV charging
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Best Subsidy on Electric Vehicles – Statewise

Electric Vehicles, which have been the most talked about topic in the past decade, have been a greener alternative for ICE vehicles. There is a global rise in the EV adoption and India is at its best. With the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 being imposed, the government aims to achieve national energy security, vehicular pollution and growth of domestic manufacturing capabilities by promoting hybrid and electric vehicles in the country. The government has declared to provide monetary incentives to the buyers to kick start the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles. by providing monetary support. Every Indian state has carved the best possible subsidy on an electric vehicle for its adoption. Let us see which Indian state provides the best subsidy for you.

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When and Why should you use a public EV charging station?

Do you own an electric vehicle or are you thinking of making the shift to a more sustainable way of living? In this article we will give you some much needed tips on when you can charge your electric vehicle. We will also talk about why you should head over to a charging station to charge your EV, instead of doing it at home.

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