Top 5 hybrid electric vehicles in India – 2022

Electric Vehicle is new technology to reduce the carbon footprint from the environment. Even the best BEVs available in India right now have a range of 300-500 km, and if there isn’t ample public charging infrastructure support, users of BEVs can face range anxiety. Hybrid Electric Vehicles don’t have any such issues – on short distances. Presently automobile lovers are preferring to shift to a hybrid alternative than an electric alternative for their IC engine cars. The main reason being the EV charging infrastructure still under development. So let’s take a look into the best Hybrid car options available in India. I will list the top 5 hybrid electric vehicles that you can buy in India.

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Top 5 Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the World

It is a cliche these days to worry about the range of Electric vehicles. I am sure you would also have given a second thought to whether your new EV would keep up to the expectation of your ICE vehicles. However, there lies something between your ICE and EV. Hybrid vehicles are a new way of travelling that is more eco-friendly and saves your time and money. Driving a greener vehicle shouldn’t mean sacrificing the style that you want to show off when you hit the road. There exists “n” number of HEVs around the globe. Today I will list some of the bestselling top Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the world.

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